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Black Diamond Brakes

We are one of the biggest leading retailers of Black Diamond Brakes, Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Brake Line Kits and Clutches.

Working in direct partnership with the biggest brands in the business we're able to offer the biggest and best, at the smallest prices, direct to your door, we pride ourselves on our customer service, knowledgeable and helpful sales staff and above all our commitment to first class after sales service and support.

We offer fast UK delivery and now also offer ship worldwide to over 60 countries. So whatever your performance needs where ever you're located simply shop online 24/7 365 days a year, or call our trained sales staff on 01223 320520 read more..

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Black Diamond Brakes

If you've put a lot of effort into making your car go faster, don't you deserve to have the best brakes? Then there is good news - Black Diamond Brakes are in stock here at Euro Performance and you can buy them in seconds. Just look up your make and model, add them to your basket and you're done - what could be easier?

Why buy better brake components?

There are two main reasons why you should be buying better brake components - power and fade. Fast cars need more braking power to set up properly for the next bend, at the right speed. But that extra power has to go somewhere - in this case it's converted to heat. When a standard braking system starts to overheat you lose braking power and the brakes fade.

You have to scrub off speed quickly, but the exact amount. It's no good if your brakes start losing power just as you're coming into your favourite set of bends. So the higher the temperature your braking system can cope with, the faster you can go, because you know you can stop quickly too.

Brake pads

Black Diamond predator brake pads use a compound that can cope with far higher temperatures than ordinary pads, so fade is minimised and braking power is increased, then maintained. The pad compound is also low dust so your alloys and bodywork don't get mucky.

Brake discs

Black Diamond high performance brakes discs get rid of heat quickly and cool down faster too. Standard discs are solid but Black Diamond discs are double-skinned, vented in the centre with grooves and holes to dissipate heat. The grooves shrug off rain faster too.

Three models are available - Cross Drilled for extra cooling, Diamond 12 Groove for instant response and greater friction or the award winning Combination discs - the best of both worlds.

Brake hose kits

The final touch but they're often overlooked - top quality stainless steel braided hoses. Black Diamond brake hoses don't bulge, so all your braking power is transmitted to your callipers. Heat loss is faster than ordinary hoses too - you retain pedal feel, accuracy and power. These incredible hoses are guaranteed forever - why not buy now?

Easy to buy

Our full list of makes and models makes it easy to select the Black Diamond brake parts - pads, discs and hoses - you need.

Get yourself the braking power you deserve today!